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How To Clean Your Extensions

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

If you don't touch them, they will last forever! Nope.

It's a very common myth that if you don't touch your lashes or get them wet at all, they will last way longer than normal. So, contrary to what many people think, that is untrue and actually can do more harm in the longevity of your extensions.

Obviously, one of the main rules to stick to when you have eyelash extensions on is to avoid oil-based products, since oils can break down the adhesive bond and eventually cause the extensions to fall off easier.

People forget that our skin has sebaceous glands that produce oil, there are pollutants in the air and our skin gets dirty and all of that combined creates build up, without even adding on makeup to that. Not only can having buildup in the lashes cause the extensions to come off quicker, but it creates a lovely habitat for bacteria to build up and lash mites to prosper. Yea, you read that right, lash mite. They are completely normal, we all have them, however, lash mites feed on sebaceous glands. When you aren't keeping the area clean, it can create a build up of oil from the sebaceous glands giving them more to feed on and creating a lovely area for them to hang out in and can lead to Blepharitis, an inflammatory condition of your eyelids. No one wants that. SO! Clean your lashes.

How to Cleanse Your Lashes:

1. Cleanse your face-

You can use your favorite cleanser as long as you are avoiding the eye area and using a washcloth to take it off. It's best to use a washcloth as you can wipe off your cleanser without splashing the lashes with your cleanser and water and you can go around the eyes.

2. Cleanse off your eye makeup- Now you can use an oil free makeup remover to remove your eye makeup from the lid and under eye area, this is not for cleaning the lashes themselves. You can also use your lash cleanser for this. If I'm using an oil free makeup remover to remove my makeup, I will usually push down my extensions a bit and cleanse so I don't snag any. Please....don't use makeup wipes around the eyes, they WILL snag on your lashes and pull them out.

3. Cleanse your lashes-

Now, using a specially formulated lash cleanser, which you can buy from me in studio or in my online store, cleanse your lashes and rinse. If you haven't yet, purchase a lash cleanser and a brush from me. Wisp Lash Bath is $20 and Cleansing Brushes are $6 and they will last you a while. You may only need to purchase cleanser twice a year and a brush around 4 times a year, depending on how often you clean. So, around $65 a year to care properly for your lashes is worth it.

Take your cleanser and pump some into the cap or your palm, take your brush and dip into the cleanser and then brush it into your lashes, downward and side to side on the lash line. Do this multiple times and then when you've thoroughly cleansed, rinse with water. You can put a towel under your eye and fill your cap with water and rinse that way or hover over the sink, whatever works for you. Once you've rinsed, pat them dry with a washcloth or dry with a paper towel, don't rub. You can also use my Re-Usable Face Pads, which won't get caught in the lashes and can be used to dry lashes or as a face cloth replacement. Let them air dry a little unless they feel nice and dry and then brush them out (extremely important for those with volume fans).

Try and cleanse your extensions daily and it's preferable to do so at night. I know that seems like a lot to add to your nightly routine, but trust me, it will help your lashes stay clean, stay on longer and you won't get that itchy feeling from when there's too much buildup. If you have oily skin, oily lids, work out daily, wear makeup daily, sweat a lot, were crying, swimming, etc, make sure to cleanse more often. If you cried, had bad allergies and your eyes teared up, swam, sweat, etc, cleanse as soon as you can afterwards.

Also, be mindful of products you're using around your eyes. Did you know setting sprays and hair products can cause issues and cause your volume fans to stick together and even cleansing can't get rid of the film that's left behind?

I hope this was helpful!

Keep those lashes clean! Have a great day

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