ColorUp Therapeutics Starter Kit


This sample set includes 10 items from the ColorUp Therapeutics line.

Color Up Therapeutics is a company based out of Colorado that has a full professional line of skincare. All of their skincare is infused with CBD.
CBD is a revolutionary ingredient in skincare, offering relief for inflammation, acne, aging, dull skin. It's also wonderful for those suffering with eczema or psoriasis. This line is formulated without fragrances and is wonderful for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


Bonus: In this set, you get to try every product used in my professional facial as well as the Sublingual Tincture for relief of anxiety, pain & more.


  • Hydrating Foaming Cleanser 1 fl.oz.
  • Skin Firming Serum .125 fl.oz.
  • UV Damage Repair Moisturizer – for oily skin .5 fl.oz.
  • UV Damage Repair Moisturizer – for dry skin .5 fl.oz.
  • Dark Circle Eye Cream .125 fl.oz.
  • Treatment Oil .25 fl.oz.
  • Exfoliating Enzyme Masque .25 fl.oz.
  • Illuminating and Nourishing Masque .25 fl.oz.
  • Salve .125 fl.oz.
  • Sublingual Tincture 3.5ml

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