Custom Designer Magnetic Lashes

Custom Designer Magnetic Lashes


Allergic to eyelash extensions? Don't have time or the option to come in for services? Want to have lashes for special occasions?

These will be custom, hand made by ME for YOU.

We will go over what you are looking for and then I will create your pair of lashes.

It will also come with a black liner and tweezer for application.
You can get these shipped or order for pickup.

You can choose from Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume.

Prices will vary for each.

  • How To Use

    Take your liner and line your upper eyelid as you normally would and let dry. Then, you can use the tweezer to grab the lashes and  apply the center first, then adjust the sides and then press the magnetic lashes and your nautral lashes together to get them to look seamless. 

    If you need to trim them, it's best to trim from the outside corner.

    To remove, just take your tweezers and grab onto the outer end and pull them off parallel to the lid, outer corner to inner corner and remove your liner. Store the lashes to use them later on. They can be reused daily or on special occasions.