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Hydrojelly Mask

Hydrojelly Mask


Your favorite mask, at home!
They are great for a girl’s night out, travel prep or quarantine haha.
Still better to get treated by skin professionals but we could all use some pampering right now. 
Has enough for two applications!

Box Includes:

2 Biodegradable Trays (throw away without guilt!)

1 Spatula
1 Scoop


Which mask to choose?


  • Antioxidant Goji - Regenerating + Radiance (all skin types)
  • Super Greens - pH Balancing + Vitality (all skin types)
  • Egyptian Rose - Glowing for Fine Lines (all skin types & great for anti-aging)
  • Brightening Complex - Brightening (all skin types & great for dark spots)
  • Pure Himalayan White Tea - Clarifiying (normal/oily & acneic skin)
  • Luminous 24K Gold - Rejuvenation + Clarity (all skin types & great for anti-aging)
  • Diamond Glow Boost - Regenerating + Renewal (all skin types)
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Super Moisture Retention (all skin types)
  • Calendula Floral - Vitamin A + Radiance (all skin types & great for acne & anti-aging)
  • Cica Complexion Care - Scar Treatment (all skin types)
  • Illuminating Orange - Anti-Pigment + Spots (all skin types & great for dark spots)
  • Purifying Charcoal - Clarifying + Calming (normal/oil & acneic skin)
  • Skin Warrior Ageless - Firming + Elasticity (all skin types & great for anti-aging)
  • Phyto Nutrients - Fortifying + Nutrients (all skin types)
  • Intensive Aftercare - Soothing + Calming & Anti-Blemish (all skin types & great for acneic skin)
  • How To Use:

    You'll want to get your hair back and put on a headband if you have one. Empty the contents of one packet into one of the trays, then measure out water with the scoop. Measure out according to the package directions. Mix it up and then apply to your face and neck if you have enough to go down. You can apply it over your lips as well.

    For best results, use your serum underneath to help it penetrate deeper.

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