Mascne Kit

Mascne Kit


I put this kit together for those dealing with "Mascne". This is a direct result of wearing masks daily, so unfortunately, many of us are dealing with it. Masks keep our breath inside which is hot and moist which can help bacteria grow. We also have the friction from the mask and our skin irritating us as well.

This is to help treat this condition, but just be aware if you haven't been on professional skincare or a regular routine, your skin's barrier may be compromised, so you may also need to purchase additional products to help heal your skin's barrier first. Soap is not facial cleanser and many people who just use soap, have irritated skin or if they apply any product it will sting or they might get red. It's not that they are sensitive, it's their barrier.

You can always do a Virtual Consultation to get a personalized skin routine for yourself, which is also available in my online store.

This Kit Contains:

  • 2 oz Charcoal Cleanser
  • 2 oz Raspberry Refining Cleanser (exfoliating w/ Glycolic & Salicylic)
  • 2 oz Cucumber Toner (hydrating, probiotic base)
  • Blemish Spot Treatment (uses Glycolic & Salicylic w/ Tea Tree to treat & soothe breakouts)
  • Beta-Carotene/Papain Renewal Serum (gently exfoliating serum, alternative to Retinol)
  • Ageless Skin Moisturizer
  • Sheer Protection SPF 30

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