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Wisp Acne Program

As an acne sufferer myself, I know what it does to your self-esteem, and your confidence and how it can be frustrating to find products that will help. I have had acne since I was about 12 and now in my early 30s, I still work on it. I have been able to dramatically change the amount of acne I have and I've been able to reduce a lot of hyperpigmentation I have from acne scarring, however, I still have to maintain my skin too.


Acne is a genetic and life-long condition that will take daily commitment to see results. It doesn't just clear and never comes back. We can get your clear, but you'll have to maintain results. Certain events in your life, hormone or medications, etc may change your skin again, but you'll have a foundation to keep your skin healthy. For this program, you'll need to be diligent in trusting me as your esthetician, possibly changing lifestyle habits, getting new products, and double-checking ingredients. It's a sacrifice, it's hard work, but it's worth it in the end.

The program will begin with a thorough consultation, services, home care, and ongoing support through the program. Acne treatments in person may include enzymes, peels, oxygen therapy, LED, hydro-dermabrasion, and more!

Ready to Start?

I also offer a virtual option if you are unable to come in for services due to distance, finances, etc and we do this through email. You can purchase the virtual consultation on the right and you'll get a questionnaire sent to you. You can do this program from anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately, at this moment, Face Reality doesn't ship Internationally, so I won't be able to recommend Face Reality, but I do have other lines I work with that I can recommend products.

If you are local and prefer in-person treatments, book an Acne Program Consultation through my online booking platform above.

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