Mega Volume



Classic Full Set

(~2 hours) 


Traditional eyelash extensions where one extension is attached to each natural lash. Customizable in length and curl.
Fullness will depend on natural lashes.

Hybrid Full Set

(~2 hours)


Combining both techniques of classic and volume. A great introduction to volume for clients who have more sparse lashes or even those who just want to add a bit more fullness and classic isn't doing it for them.

Volume Full Set
(~3 hours)


Using a variety of volume techniques. Volume fans are hand-made during the appointment, using multiple, very thin lashes. You get more volume without compromising your lash health. Perfect for brides or clients with naturally sparse or damaged lashes.

Mega Volume Full Set

(~3.5 hours)


Eyelash extensions using an advanced, mega volume technique. Mega volume fans are hand-made during the appointment. You get a ton of volume without compromising your lash health. Perfect for those wanting a very dense, dark look.

Classic Fills

Fill (60 min) . . . $70
Extended Fill (90 min). . . $85

Hybrid Fills

Fill (60 min) . . . $85
Extended Fill (90 min) . . . $100

Volume Fills

Fill (75 min). . . $100
Extended Fill (120 min). . . $130

Mega Volume Fills

Fill (90 min) . . . $120
Extended Fill (120 min) . . . $180

Consultation (15 min) . . . FREE
Removal (30 min) . . . $30

Lash Bath (15 min) . . . $15

Required if you come to your appointment
with makeup on or dirty lashes



  • Don't get your lashes wet or near steam for a few hours after

  • 2-5 Lashes shedding daily, per eye is NORMAL, don't fret!

  • Avoid any oil-based or waterproof products near the eyes

  • Avoid rubbing/pulling at your extensions

  • Use an oil-free makeup remover, NO makeup remover wipes

  • Clean your lashes and lash line daily.

  • If you work out, wear a headband and make sure to cleanse your lashes after you're finished working out or swimming.

  • Be careful with high heat around your extensions, including smoking, BBQ grills, hairdryers, etc, because the extensions can become singed or lose their curl and straighten out.

  • No eyelash curlers of any kind, which can crimp the lash

  • Avoid cotton products and opt for lint-free applicators. Sometimes cotton gets stuck in the extensions.

  • Try not to sleep on your face or purchase a Sleeping Eye Mask for $10 at your next appointment to help protect your lashes while you sleep.

​For Volume/Mega Volume/Hybrid Eyelash Extensions,
make sure to brush when they're dry so they fluff out again