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Myth: My Natural Lashes Are Gone

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

How many times have I heard this or some variation? Too many to count.

The reality is that people don't understand shedding cycles and they don't understand expectation vs. reality.

A lot of times I hear someone either tell me that their friend told them not to because she lost all her lashes or she herself has experienced this.

You get your lashes done, they look amazing and full and beautiful and a few days later you notice some have come out and your natural lash is on it. The horror! The answer, take those precious lashes in a zip lock to your lash artist to reapply? Blame the artist for permanently damaging your lashes?

NOT. As I explained in the Lashes 101 post, your lashes have many layers and each lash is in a different phase of growth. Your natural lashes are going to shed, regardless if you have extensions on or not. Why do you notice it with extensions?

Extensions are usually a bit thicker, longer, curlier and sometimes darker than your natural lashes, so it's more noticeable when one falls out. Also, you paid for them, they should stay forever, right?! I wish it were so! Natural lashes are supposed to shed, that's just the truth and if you see your extension with a natural lash attached, it's normal and a good sign. Sometimes extensions come off with wear and tear and friction without the natural lash or due to products, but it's okay for you to see your natural lash attached.

Now, since we all know now that your lashes are in different stages of growth, you should know that your lashes won't look the same every time. Some days they may be very full, others they may be more sparse, that's normal.

I've done removals on clients and after letting them take a peek at their natural lashes, they are shocked at their natural hairs. "My lashes used to be way longer" "I used to have lots of lashes"

"I have no lashes left"

Unfortunately, that's not true. Not only does your hair change over time and it's very normal for people to have thicker, healthier lashes in their youth up through their 20-30's and see their lashes degrade as they age. Stress, medications, thyroid/hormonal conditions, pregnancy, gut issues, strict diets, etc can all change your hair. We get so used to how we look with extensions on that when they aren't there we feel bald. It could just be your lashes were in a different state than the last time you saw them or that you are just used to seeing them super thick and full.

Until next time, peace!

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