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Ingredient Spotlight: Bakuchiol, a Retinol Alternative

Have you heard this ingredient mentioned lately?


Articles, skin care content going viral and companies are pushing this word in bold letters and everyone is ooo-ing and aww-ing, but what is it?

Benefits: • Anti-Inflammatory • Antibacterial Properties • Antioxidant • Collagen Preserving • Pigment Inhibiting • Great for Sensitive Skin • Pregnancy Safe

Overview: this super ingredient is found in India, China and Southern Africa and it has a long history of being used to treat inflammatory skin conditions. This ingredient has been shown to work equally as well as Retinol in reducing hyperpigmentation, smoothing skin and slowing down the break down of collagen and lipids. These benefits have all been shown to occur with much less irritation than Retinol. Many people are sensitive to Retinol or don't like the irritation they've gotten when using improperly formulated or cheap products or when they haven't introduced their skin to Retinol properly. Bakuchiol could be the answer for many clients needing an alternative. As estheticians, we recommend Retinols for the many benefits it gives in treating skin concerns the majority of us have. It can help in treating acne, hyperpigmentation, reducing fine lines and texture and more and having an alternative such as this is an incredible breakthrough.

In the Treatment Room Bakuchiol is found in my Pumpkin Enzyme Mask from Circadia and it's one of my favorite products to use. Not only does it smell great, but pumpkin on it's own is already a wonderful exfoliant, so to add in Bakuchiol just takes it to another level and gives the skin a beautiful glow. I can't wait for my lines to formulate products with this ingredient in it more. That being said, if you are in need of a Retinol alternative products, I highly recommend Circadia's Revita-Cyte Complex ($112). Email me if you'd like to order it at:


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