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Facial Hair Removal

There's a lot of nuance with facial hair. As women, we are told we need to be hairless and as men, we are told hair makes you manly. As children, it's a common way to poke fun at people, and in the end, we can have a lot of insecurities surrounding facial hair. Just remember, hair is completely normal and serves a purpose on our bodies. We grow hair all over, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. If you choose to remove hair, you have a few options, but it's okay not to also.

What are your options? Luckily, the industry has evolved to include many forms of hair removal. Shaving is the most accessible, but waxing and sugaring are common services. There is also epilation, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.


For most women, waxing/sugaring will be ideal on the face as we tend to have more vellus hair (peach fuzz, finer-textured hair). That being said, for men or people with PCOS, on HRT or who just happen to have hirsutism, these services may not be ideal. For male pattern facial hair, the hair grows in a basket weave pattern under the skin making the risk for complications from waxing/sugaring greater.

If someone has a very sparse amount of hair, it may be possible, but in most cases, electrolysis and laser hair removal are used.


Here at Wisp, I offer waxing and sugaring facial hair services, but there is also Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation service, but because we are using a blade against the skin, we are also removing peach fuzz in the process. If you have peach fuzz on the face and want that removed while also having a relaxing facial, come try it out. If you have any thicker hair or male pattern facial hair, depending on the amount, we would wax first. Keep in mind, when hair grows back, having been "shaved" and given a blunt end, it grows out and then down, so you will feel that hair as it grows out. Think of it like when rubbing a peach, that fuzzy feeling. This service won't however cause your hair to grow thicker. It takes hormones to cause any changes in the hair type, but since the hair is shaved and blunt and our hairs grow in a cone shape, it's a thicker part of the hair that it showing.


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