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St-Eyeling Manual

St-Eyeling Manual


I created this course manual as a way to help teach other lash artist's how to customize styling for each client they see. 
It's frustrating to see so many training programs not go into detail about styles and learning about eye shapes and how to use them to each client's advantage.
So many people were stuck offering just one style to every client.

But how do you stand out?
You continue to learn and study eye shapes. You practice when you have the chance. You use those base styles as templates and build on them. 

In the end you will have a clientele that trusts you, because you can give them something no one else can. A custom, tailored set for their eyes only.


Dive in & learn something new!

We are going to go over:

  • Eye Shapes
  • Manipulating Direction
  • Curls & Diameters
  • Mixing Curls
  • Basic Styles
  • Strip Lash Styling
  • Consultation
  • Fill Tips

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    All artwork is custom designed by Andrea, Wisp Lash Studio.

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