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Lash Shedding

Good Morning🌤 Let's talk about shedding cycles and how they play into extensions. Each lash is in it's own phase of growth, which means, we can't predict where hair will shed and it can be uneven had sporadic. Each day, you may see on average 2-5 lashes falling out which is completely normal. Sometimes you're able to make it 3 weeks from your full set and the next only 2 weeks. Each individual hair follicle take about 4-8 weeks to be replaced aftershedding. Some days you may have 10 fall out in one area. Typically, in a full set, about 80-200 lashes are being applied per eye and that's just for a classic set, it multiplies with hybrid, volume and mega volume but as always it will depend on how many natural lashes you have at the time of application. I made this chart as kind of a reference of what shedding each week may look like but keep in mind, this is just an optimistic example. Most people come back for fills at 2-3 weeks with about 50% extensions remaining or so.

It's different for everyone and you'll see that if you're more very active, are taking medication, have an autoimmune or hormonal condition, are really stressed out, among other factors, that your lashes with grow and shed differently. A "Fill" is your normal fill appointment. Booked at an amount of time needed to get you full again if you have about 50% extensions remaining. An "Extended Fill" is a longer appointment for clients who have shed more extensions in that 2-3 week time frame for fills. So when you're booking, do so according to how much time is needed. After three weeks or if you have don't have much left, you'll need to book for a new full set with a removal.

I hope this graphic is helpful and gives you some new insight into why fills are absolutely necessary at 2-3 weeks in order to maintain extensions. If you can't keep up with that schedule, eyelash extensions are probably not the service for you.

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