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Hydrofacial - Glow Facial Goodness

What is the Glow Facial?

This facial is a hydrofacial, using hydrodermabrasion to exfoliate, extract and infuse serums into the skin. It's a powerful machine to give you a deep clean and exfoliation in a fairly gentle service. It's great for all skin types.

Why don't you just call in a hydrafacial or hydrofacial? I have little names for services, so I stick to them, but also, there's a brand that has copyrighted Hydrafacial and Hydrofacial, so I've chosen to give it a different name, but explain what it is on the side.

How is this different from your other facials?

This service uses a machine to do most the work. We do a double cleanse, enzyme and then perform the Hydrofacial service portion, which uses special serums and vacuum technology that creates a strong vortex over the skin to exfoliate, extract and then infuse serums into the skin in one motion. Extractions are done if needed. Then we apply more serums, mask and finish off as normal with moisturizer and SPF.

Who is this good for and who is it not for?

Well, it's great for most people, even those with sensitive skin or acne since it's fairly gentle. Anyone who has a vascular condition or maybe has broken capillaries would want to avoid it. How does it work?

So, like I said above, this machine uses a vacuum suction along with a specialized water based serum and different tips to exfoliate, extract and infuse. The tips have different grooves and purposes for exfoliation based on skin type. I also have a micro wand, which is similar to the Dermalinfusion machine, so it has a microdermabrasion tip, while still utilizing the hydrodermabrasion to still infuse the skin with the serums. It's an amazing little wand. So, we glide the wand over the skin to apply some serum and then make passes all over the skin. The suction from the vacuum brings blood to the surface and stimulates the production of collagen as well as helps to move lymph out. The tips exfoliate and the serums penetrate the skin. You are left with a very hydrated, plump face. Why is there such limited availability for this service? Unfortunately, these machines are very loud and I'm in an office suite location, which means I have neighbors very close to me, with thin walls that can hear it quite a bit. I don't want to disturb their work time, so I choose to do it on a day/time that I know there won't be as many people to disturb. So, if you want one, Sunday is your day! How often could someone get this done? Well, you could get this done monthly or as soon as every 2 weeks if you wanted to. Like I said, this facial is very gentle but effective. You can even pair with Dermaplaning or a peel for a beautiful combo service. Contact me if you have any additional questions!



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