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Eyeliner Tips

One of the most popular questions asked by clients is what eyeliner they can use if they can even wear one. You can definitely wear eyeliner with extensions although many clients prefer not to wear eyeliner in general because usually the extensions create enough darkness on the lash line.

What we want to avoid with eyeliner products is OILS.

Oils break down the adhesive bond, causing the extensions to separate from the natural lash and fall off without the natural lash.

Liquid pen eyeliners are your best option or just using a black eyeshadow. Avoid eyeliners that are creamy or gel based, which can leave residue and build up in the lash line and be difficult to remove. Remember that when you have makeup on your extensions, you're adding a coating on top. Sometimes, with certain formulas, that makeup doesn't come off, unless you use an oil based remover and even then, some remains. Using that type or remover will wear down the adhesive and you will lose a lot more extensions. Many liners use oils because they can make a waterproof formula with them. Waterproof is great for long lasting power, but those oils and waxes are sticky, thick and hard to remove. When you come in for a fill, if you have makeup residue, an additional $15 will be charged to do a Lash Bath & cleanse for you, HOWEVER, if your lashes are caked in makeup or you wore a liner or mascara that will not come off with my cleansing methods, you will need to have a full removal and new set done. We don't want to do that, but unfortunately lashes cannot be filled if the makeup can't come off. The extensions will attach to the makeup instead of the natural lash and will come off quickly, so it wouldn't be worth it to fill. Also, the extensions can clump together, making it impossible to isolate one lash to be able to attach.

Rule of thumb is to look for an oil free formula. If you apply the liner to your wrist or hand, let it dry a good 10 min and can easily take it off with just a little warm water, you're good. If not, you don't want it, because it will be too hard to remove, you'll end up with residue and issues and it may contain an oil based ingredient.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner $20.00, Sephora

This is my favorite and one that I

recommend to clients all the time. It has 24 hour wear time, it's transfer resistant and removes extremely easily. It has a brush tip with a precise tip to create the perfect winged cat eye. It's highly pigmented and easy for liner novices to use.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner $22.00, Ulta/Sephora

Yet another option, very similar to the Kat Von D, although I prefer the Kat Von D pen better. It has a great, transfer free formula. While I chose the picture of the black eyeliner, it comes in a variety of fun colors which is awesome, seeing as the NYC liner comes only in 2 or 3 and Kat Von D's comes in 2 colors. You could create a lot of fun looks with these.

Ulta Classic Felt Tip Liner $9.00, Ulta

A very affordable alternative to the ones above. It even tells you in the description that it removes with warm water, so yay for an affordable option!

Another option is to get a black eyeshadow and use a liner brush and apply like liner. You can go over it a few different times to get your desired intensity. It's easy, it's the best option and removes easily. As far as long lasting ability, it's alright, it won't last all day, but easy to re-apply.

As always, make sure you cleanse off your lash line at the end of the day and cleanse your lashes to ensure that you're makeup free before bed. Remember that liner is applied near the lash bases and if any stays there, it can build up. Same goes for the lower lash line, cleanse it off nightly. Steps to Clean Lashes: 1. Remove eye makeup (oil free makeup remover or oil free micellar water) 2. Double cleanse your face 3. Cleanse lashes w/ brush and lash cleanser 4. Rinse Lashes, Pat Dry, Brush Through Sparkle!

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