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Lash Lifts

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

It's been a little while since I've written a blog post but I thought I'd shed a little light into what lash lifts are all about. Lash lifts are lash perms, with a new name and new process. Previously, perms used disposable rods and they weren't very popular or well known. The rods used created a very tight, unnatural curl. Lash lifts now use silicone rods and shields instead and give a more natural lift to the lashes rather than curling into itself. They are an amazing alternative to eyelash extensions, especially for clients who may have developed an allergic reaction to Cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in eyelash extensions adhesive. It's also great for clients who just don't want the maintenance of eyelash extensions and coming in for fills every 2-3 weeks.

Lash lifts will last up to 6-8 weeks, through one lash cycle. Keep in mind that each individual lash will be in a different phase of the lash cycle, so as they continue to grow and shed, you will have some remaining curled lashes and then your other lashes growing in with their natural curl pattern. Adding a tint to the lash lift gives you that mascara look as well, so it's a great addition!

Maintenance is low, because you can still wear mascara and sleep on your face without big issues like you would extensions. After the service keep your lashes dry at least 4 hours. I also usually recommend people use non-waterproof mascara so rubbing the eyes to remove mascara isn't as needed. Remember! This is a chemical service, so just as lightening your hair, this is going to damage the lashes a bit to be able to change the hair to curl. Be gentle with them. Nourish them with a lash conditioner daily to keep them hydrated and healthy!

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