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Quality vs. Quantity

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Not my work, photos to educate clients of improper application and care

Eyelash extensions aren't cheap, but with the service growing in popularity, people have taken advantage of customers by offering cheap services to get in as many people as they can. Well, $99 for a Classic Full Set sounds amazing right? Sure, I can't argue with that. However, when you are dealing with your eyes, you need to keep in mind that if incorrectly done can lead to some serious issues. There are many unlicensed technicians who are offering extensions without the proper training, experience or credentials. Why is that an issue? Here are some major concerns that we see with improper application of eyelash extensions by improperly trained or unlicensed technicians.

First off, build up and Blepharitis. With eyelash extensions, it's harder to clean the lash line and that's why special eyelash cleansers are available. It's an extra product but they are specifically formulated for lash wearers. If you don't clean them properly, not only are you allowing build up to continue to grow, but you are creating a great environment for lash mites to flourish. Those factors lead to Blepharitis which is an eye condition that can be treated, but we don't want it to begin in the first place. So, when an artist is telling you that you don't need to clean them or to just clean your lid, that's not true. You can see the amount of build up in the lash line in the photo above, because the artist didn't give this client the correct aftercare. It's much like washing your hair. If you don't wash your hair daily, most of us will have a build up of oil, dead skin and product and we feel gross right? We start to see our hair clump, we experience irritation on our scalp, etc. Same idea. You may have less lashes growing in without proper aftercare too as you are trapping follicles with waxy, oily buildup, clogging them.

Permanent hair loss. Yes. You read that correctly. If lashes aren't applied in a one-to-one ratio, you can have multiple lashes attached on one natural lash and not only can that lash not support all of those extensions, but then you have other, neighboring lashes being pulled out prematurely by another one ready to shed. When that occurs, you're causing trauma to that hair follicle and as we know from waxing and sugaring, if the follicle continues to experience trauma, you will permanently damage that follicle and no hair will grow. You can see in the above photo, clumps of lashes applied to thin lashes, causing too much weight for the lash to support. So when you have clumps of lashes falling out or after a few months, you notice that your lashes are extremely sparse, that's a possibility.

Unecessary irritation. Sometimes, incorrectly applied extensions can cause itching, poking or other irritations. In turn, because your eye is irritated, what do you do? You rub your eyes. What does that do? Makes it worse right? Extensions should be pain free and shouldn't ever bother you. If you're experiencing irritation constantly, you need to maybe re-think who you're going to. I've had clients tell me their eyes used to always be bruised on the bottom with the last person or their eyes would always sting. Some clients even learned to live with it and thought it was normal for their eyes would be irritated for a few days and then be fine as long as they took an anti-histamine 30 minutes prior and eye drops after. That's not okay and that's not normal.

I know it seems like a great deal to pay these cheap prices to get lashes when you are on a budget, but it's much better to save your money and go to someone who might be pricier but is experienced and will make sure your lashes are healthy and eyes are safe. Plus, that pricier person might invest in more continuing education, better supplies and help educate you through the process to give you the best possible service. I've seen a lot of mistakes that are unacceptable and I can't stress that enough. If you're going to splurge on extensions, think of it as an investment, take care of them and go with someone who knows what they're doing. Do your research.

  • Are they licensed? (Most states require an esthetician or cosmetologist license to provide eyelash extension services and their licenses have to be in public view near their station)

  • Are they a registered business? (They should have a business license visible at their studio)

  • How do they disinfect and sanitize their tools?

  • Are the client's eyes red in every photo?

  • Have you taken a good look at their pictures? Reviews? Etc? (beware of photos that are only from far away)

These are things to consider, so keep them in mind, stay safe & be beautiful!

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