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What's the Deal with St. Ives Scrub?

In high school, dealing with acne, I used St. Ives scrub, because I thought it helped my skin. Little did I know it was making it worse. Making it worse you say?

While St. Ives is great at exfoliating, it's actually exfoliating your face off. No more skin lol jk.

The main culprit is the walnut shell used as an exfoliant. What's dangerous about it you ask?

The walnut shell when ground up has jagged edges, some sharp and those edges can create micro-tears in your skin. These tears allow bacteria to enter, they can cause redness and irritation to form and it disrupts your skin's barrier.

There are great alternatives out there!

Jojoba beads and corn meal are great for a nice thorough scrub without causing tear in the skin. You can also choose a chemical exfoliant, which sounds harsh, but isn't. This could be as simple as a light glycolic toner or a salicylic treatment.

You could even use a Retinoid which is a strong product, but helps to push out dead layers of skin and is everyone's best friend.

So, put down that St. Ive's scrub.

Instead, consider: Skin Script's Raspberry Refining Scrub ($28), if you want just a good ol' scrub. (Pro Tip: use this in the shower as a body scrub too, it's awesome.)

Skin Script Retinol 2% Scrub/Mask ($43), which is a great scrub with the added benefit of a retinol.

Skin Script Retinaldehyde Serum ($55), for a powerful cell turnover product of Retinaldehyde, a form of Retinol. Skin Script Beta-Carotene Papain Renewal Serum ($33), an alternative to retinol, safe for sensitive skin and pregnant clients. Get on a full skincare routine to really turn your skin around, because an exfoliant won't cure your skin issues, but it's a great addition to your full routine.



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