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Wisp Lash Bath

Wisp Lash Bath


Deep, foam cleansing formula that's gentle on lashes and hydrating for your delicate skin around the eyes. Use with the Cleansing Brush for best results!

  • Instruction

    Pump one pump of this foamy cleanser into your cap or your palm. Take your Wisp Cleansing Brush and dip it into the foam and apply to your lashes in downward motions. Then brush the cleanser into the lashes side to side on the lash line and again, going downward and in circular motions. You really want to loosen up any debris on the lash line, so don't be scared. Once you've thoroughly cleansed, rinse your eyes 1-2 times to get rid of any residue and pat dry with a paper towel or soft hand towel. Pat, don't rub or you'll pull your lashes out. If you wore makeup, you may need to cleanse twice or more to remove all residue. Make sure to brush your lashes once they're dry.

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